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Car Program

Please read about PDf icon Continental Motors Group's generous donation of eight vehicles to the Naperville CARES Car Donation Program. Please also view the video on NCTV17.

Clients in need of transportation may apply to receive a refurbished car that has been donated through the Naperville CARES car donation program. Due to the limited number of cars available, qualified applicants are generally added to a waiting list.* Please read the following testimonial about this program:

“I am writing to send the sincerest thank you for the car donation. I now have peace of mind that I can get to work, see my children when I want to, and get around to do errands. When you do not have the luxury of a car, transportation is difficult and sometimes very stress filled. I no longer have that stress.” — CARES Client

This report PDf icon recognizes Naperville CARES’ car donation program as a model and as a poverty elimination strategy that works. Please see our car donation page for photos and stories about our car recipients.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Must be at least 21 years of age.
  • Must have a valid Illinois driver's license with current address.
  • There cannot be another vehicle in the household.
  • Provide proof of income that you can pay for six months of car insurance, taxes and transfer of title (estimated cost is $500).
  • Provide recent employment history.
  • Provide a referral from a local congregation, social service agency or employer.
  • Naperville residents or members of a Naperville congregation can apply by calling 630-369-0200.
  • DuPage County residents must apply through a social service agency through which they are actively receiving services.

Contact us for more information including how to apply for our car program.

CARES also repairs vehicles owned by individuals who need their cars to get to work.

* If you have a car to donate, please read about our car donation program.